Holzerman Hungers
Blue Duck Sandwich Co.: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has a great rep for food, but that rep mainly is concentrated in South Philly and the Olde City/Center City/Fishtown/Northern Liberties block of neighborhoods that people derisively call “hipster.” Note, I love hipster culture, and hipsters are just like everyone else, some are good, some are bad, some are just there. But enough about shit generalizations.

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Pinocchio’s Pizza: Media, PA

Pizza is one of my culinary passions, and the main road in Media, PA, one I travel down a lot, has a ubiquitous joint named for the fictional marionette of lore, one just as famous for its beer garden as it was for the pizza. I had never stopped inside until tonight. I needed to run into Trader Joe’s, I figured why not try out Pinocchio’s Pizza? Not only is it one of my favorite foods, it’s one of the safest bets for my toddler, TJ.

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How to Make a Breakfast Sandwich

I was perusing my RSS reader today, and this article on Gawker came up. Apparently, a guy in New York City is dissatisfied with the quality of egg sandwiches in Manhattan, and he WANTS THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT IT. The travesty of a bunch of bodegas and trucks not having breakfast sandwiches to the par of this one, self-important man! As many of you know, I myself am a breakfast sandwich aficionado, so while the spectre of having a subpar offering presented to me after the exchange of money looms over my head constantly, well, I know well enough that I have two options.

1. I can not buy breakfast sandwiches at places I know don’t make good breakfast sandwiches.


2. I can fucking make one myself because I’m an adult.

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TH Cooks: Guacamole

More like “TH Assembles” since you don’t really cook guacamole, unless you think that adding citric acid to it constitutes cooking, but now we’re getting anal.

Guacamole is a staple dip in Mexican cuisine, and it has taken over the United States as the high end condiment of choice. Everyone has their own way of making guacamole. Some make it simple; others load it up with everything they can toss in the bowl. But as with any food, I feel the closer it is to the actual core ingredients, the better it ultimately is.

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Maui Hot Dogs: Wildwood, NJ

Didja miss me?

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is one of my favorite shows on Food Network (and increasingly one of the only shows on that channel I can tolerate, but that’s neither here nor there). I know Guy Fieri’s a walking volcano of pedantry and bro-platitudes, but I watch the show in spite of him. I genuinely like seeing all the different places around the country where elevated grub is served in more egalitarian spots.

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The Swarthmore Co-op Food Truck-A-Thon IV: THIS TIME, IT’S EDIBLE

Last year, I ventured out to the Swarthmore Co-op’s second ever Food Truck-a-Thon, its semiannual gathering of the humble mobile gastro-wagons, and I fell so much in love with the event that I decided I never wanted to miss one again. Well, circumstances led me to miss the third one in the fall, but the fourth one took place this past Friday, and yes, the family and I ventured out once more to sup upon the best of what the food trucks had to offer again.

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Food Power Poll: National Restaurant Wishlist

Photo via TheSquaredCircle.biz

I’ve been to more than a few great places for eats around the limited parts of the country I’ve been to. Whether the places have national reputations like Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland or are local haunts like Mambo Seafood in Houston, I’ve enjoyed plenty a meal around this great land. However, I realize I’m still have my  novice badge in terms of restaurant visitation. I have a large list of places I need to eat, but the following list is the tops of the tops.

10. Distrito (Philadelphia, PA) - I have lived in the Philadelphia area my whole life, but despite my residence, I haven’t come close to eating at all the places that make this town one of the culinary leaders in the States. Iron Chef Jose Garces is one of the most visible restauranteurs in town, and the one place of his I want to eat at most is Distrito, a lucha libre-themed eatery a couple of blocks west of my alma mater, Drexel. The menu is modern but hits all the notes of a classic Tex-Mex restaurant with a wide variety tacos and enchiladas.

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On Charcoal: Philadelphia, PA

The simplest, most primal way of cooking meat - well, cooking anything, but especially meat - is to apply directly to fire. Human beings evolved to the point of developing things like baking and braising and boiling and confiting. Those conveyances are fine ways to make cuisine, but when the subject is meat, many times, the best way to prepare it is over an open flame.

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The Burger Diaries: Shake Shack

One day, I plan on writing about my second-favorite burger ever. I haven’t gotten around to writing it up yet because I ate it coming-up-on three years ago. That entry will take a little bit of scavenging the memories to write, so today, I write about a burger I ate today, as fate would have it.

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El Jarocho: Philadelphia, PA

For a city I’ve lived in for all of my life, I know scant little about the variety of restaurants within the boundaries of Philadelphia. My parents were never the “go out to eat a lot” types for various reasons, and honestly, they both were great home cooks themselves. Trust me, I never missed a meal growing up, and nearly everything put on the table was great. But Philadelphia is an epic culinary city, especially lately with the influx of not only Michelin star-earning chefs but immigrants bringing in local flavors from their home countries. The former is great, no doubt, but getting street food from a truck or having folks cook you their homeland’s best dishes in a little corner luncheonette is the essence of an area’s food scene.

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